East and West Village Rezonings

As was reported in Crain’s, on Wednesday the City Council approved two new rezonings in Manhattan – one in the West Village, and the other in the East.  Both rezonings are contextual, putting height limits in place in areas where none existed previously.

The Third Avenue Corridor Rezoning, in the East Village, covers an area along Third Avenue between East 9th and East 13th Streets.  This area was previously zoned C6-2; the rezoning changed this designation to C6-2A, which permits a maximum height of 120 feet. Additionally, the rezoning incorporates the Inclusionary Housing program, meaning that developers may now obtain a floor area bonus in exchange for the provision of affordable housing.

The Washington and Greenwich Streets Rezoning, in the West Village, affects the blocks between Washington and Greenwich Streets and West 10th and West 12th Streets.  This area was also (coincidentally) zoned C6-1.  The new zoning district is C1-6A – more of a downzoning than what occurred in the East Village.  Additionally, the proposal here does not include an Inclusionary Housing component.

Crain’s also points out that the rezonings eliminate the ability to construct large hotels, along with the greater floor area that was available for the construction of dorms, which are considered “community facilities” by the zoning resolution (apparently both were concerns of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, as hotels and dorms did not exist in historic times).

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