Greening of the Codes Continues

Yesterday afternoon, the New York City Council passed 5 new pieces of legislation, all of which originally were recommendations of the Green Codes Taskforce (which we previously blogged about here).

Intro 267-A takes the largely symbolic, yet not insignificant step of adding “the environment” to the list of overarching goals the New York City Construction Codes seek to promote – joining public safety, health, and welfare.

The four additional laws are energy saving measures in the lighting field.  They are mostly common sense laws that include permitting sensors in hallways where lighting is required and measuring the amount of light required in common areas of residential buildings and construction walkways by foot-candle and not wattage.  These laws will allow the conservation of energy while not increasing any safety hazards that may result from a lack of lighting.  The Urban Green Council has more details on these bills here.

The New York City Council is to be commended for taking these steps and encouraged to do more of them.

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