Zoning, Sustainability, & City Policy

Earlier this summer, we at Herrick Feinstein hosted a seminar – Zoning, Sustainability, & City Policy.  The seminar had a panel of green building and New York City policy experts; focus was on the Green Codes Task Force recommendations, the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, and the current trends in New York City sustainability policy.

I interviewed each of the three panelists and a very lively and informative seminar unfolded.  Below are three clips from the evening.  If you would like to view the seminar in its entirety, it can be found here.

In the above clip, Howard Slatkin, Deputy Director for Strategic Planning at the NYC Department of City Planning discusses the new requirement to take climate change into account during environmental reviews.

In the above clip, Adam Freed, Deputy Director of the Mayor’s Office of Long-term Planning & Sustainability discusses the additional benefit of the new library of energy usage data that will arise from the City’s new benchmarking and energy audit laws (which we previously blogged about here).

In this final clip, Andy Hathaway, Director of Sustainability for Steven Winter Associates discusses how work on existing buildings has taken off recently.

The seminar was a great success and all the credit goes to our extremely knowledgable panel.  If you have questions regarding these issues, please post them in the comments section.