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Updated MDL: Should I Stay (longer than 30 days) or Should I Go?

Mitch Korbey, Partner, Herrick's Land Use Group | May 9, 2011 in Department of Buildings,Hotel Industry | Comments (16)

Last year, New York State updated its Multiple Dwelling Law (“MDL”) to address a loophole exposed by Single Room Occupancy operators.  The law originally said that Class A multiple dwellings were “occupied, as a rule, for permanent residence purposes”.  The SRO operators won a legal challenge that hinged on the phrase “as a rule” – whereby they argued, and the court agreed, that the proper interpretation of this phrase meant that up to 49% of a building could be for transient purposes and still meet the intent of the law.

The line between permanent and transient uses is 30 days.  Essentially, if someone rents a room for 30 days or more, it’s a residential use.  If they rent for less than 30 days, it’s a transient (or hotel) use.

The State and the City were very unhappy with the outcome of the lawsuit and saw a need to act to prevent these transient uses from operating in residential zoning districts, where they would otherwise be illegal.  So the updated language has removed the phrase “as a rule”. (more…)

ULI Conference

Mitch Korbey, Partner, Herrick's Land Use Group | October 14, 2010 in Hotel Industry,Real Estate Industry,Trends | Comments (16)

ZONE is in the nation’s capital for the Fall Urban Land Institute Conference.  Here’s an initial report: (more…)

Tribeca Rezoning Puts the Squeeze on As-Of-Right Hotels

Jennifer Dickson, Urban Planner, Herrick's Land Use Group | August 13, 2010 in City Council,Hotel Industry,Rezonings | Comments (4)

An article from this week’s New York Observer discusses limitations on hotels proposed for Tribeca. Generally, hotels, considered a “commercial” use under the zoning resolution, are permitted in New York City in all commercial zoning districts (which also permit residential uses) and some manufacturing zoning districts (which do not permit residential uses) with no limitations. The proposal, which is part of a general overhaul of the zoning in northern Tribeca, would limit hotels permitted as-of-right in the area to those with 100 rooms or less. This is worth taking a closer look at, since it’s the first time in recent history that the City has proposed restrictions on hotels in a commercial area. (more…)

Gotta Room? New Hotel Zoning Limits in the Works?

Mitch Korbey, Partner, Herrick's Land Use Group | October 13, 2009 in Hotel Industry,Planning,Rezonings | Comments (10)

It has been widely reported that the City is launching a new effort aimed at restricting hotels in manufacturing areas. The reports have stated that “City Hall” is under pressure from labor unions representing hotel workers and from advocates of industrial jobs to “do something”.