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The Next 50

Eldad Gothelf, LEED AP Urban Planner, Herrick's Land Use Group | December 8, 2011 in Affordable Housing,Green Buildings,Green Issues,Planning,Zoning,Zoning Resolution | Comments (7)

Next Thursday, the New York City Zoning Resolution turns 50 years old. As zoning nerds the world over take a minute to acknowledge this milestone, we must not forget to turn our attention to the next 50 years and start considering specific actions that will encourage the progress of this great city and preserve its competitive advantage. It is time to think big…literally.

While planning (and zoning, for that matter) doesn’t happen in a vacuum, as we look at the next 50 years, architects of the City’s planning and zoning policies should take three words into consideration – no, not location location location. Urban planning technocrats, elected officials, neighborhood groups, and all other stakeholders should be guided by the following three words: (more…)

A Clear Message on Sustainable Housing?

Eldad Gothelf, LEED AP Urban Planner, Herrick's Land Use Group | October 22, 2010 in Affordable Housing,Development,Green Buildings,Green Issues,Real Estate Industry | Comments (2)

Earlier today, the Municipal Arts Society, as part of their Summit for New York City, held a conference on Sustainable Housing.

The panelists each had a few minutes to share their experiences. (more…)

421-a Program: What Does the Future Hold?

Eldad Gothelf, LEED AP Urban Planner, Herrick's Land Use Group | July 30, 2010 in 421-a,Affordable Housing | Comments (12)

421aCrystal Ball

Picture it: City and State lawmakers racing against the sunsetting of the 421-a law to modify and extend the program.

While it may seem like only yesterday, this scene actually played out three long years ago; and is likely to reenact itself in a few short months.

At the end of 2007, the market was still trending upwards (the fall of Lehman in October 2008 was months away) and the overall tenor of the debate was not if the program’s benefits should be limited, but by how much.  In the end, the program was extended for three years, the exclusion zone was expanded, negotiable certificates were essentially eliminated, and benefits were capped based on assessed value. (more…)

New Year, New Domino

Jennifer Dickson, Urban Planner, Herrick's Land Use Group | January 5, 2010 in Affordable Housing,Rezonings,Zoning | Comments (11)



Yesterday, the City Planning Commission certified the application for the New Domino project.  The project, when approved, will permit the redevelopment of the formerly-industrial Domino Sugar factory site on the Brooklyn waterfront as a vibrant, mixed-use development.


New York High Court Rules in Stuy Town Case

Dennis Sughrue, Partner, Herrick | October 22, 2009 in Affordable Housing,J-51 Program,Litigation | Comments (8)

In the closely watched Stuyvesant Town case, New York’s highest court ruled today that buildings enrolled in the J-51 tax abatement program are not subject to the rent stabilization law’s luxury decontrol provisions.  Thousands of buildings throughout New York City are enrolled in the J-51 program, which grants property tax benefits in return for the performance of capital improvements to an existing multiple dwelling or the conversion of a non-residential building to a multiple dwelling.

The ruling upsets a decade-old assumption, supported by a 1996 advisory opinion issued by DHCR, the state agency charged with administering rent stabilization, that enrollment in the J-51 program does not preclude deregulation.  There are myriad implications of the decision — which raises as many questions as it answers.

We will be watching this closely and hope to update you soon on the fallout from this significant decision.