Council Land Use Committee Says Domi-yes


Last week, the New York City Council’s land use committee unanimously approved CPC Resource’s application for the New Domino development.  As we discussed back in January (when the project was certified), the approval will permit the development of 2,200 units on the Brooklyn waterfront, along with community facility, office and retail space.   The project also includes 660 units of affordable housing, over 4 acres of publicly accessible open space, including a waterfront esplanade and a 1-acre lawn, and the preservation of the landmark Refinery building. Continue reading

Judge Sides with City in Adult Use Zoning Case

This week, the New York Supreme Court decided in favor of the City in an “adult use” zoning case (For the People Theatres of NY Inc. v City of New York), drawing yet another chapter to a close in the ongoing saga of adult establishments vs. the City of New York.  As a result of this decision, which places substantial additional limits on the location of adult uses, a number of adult book and video stores that have been operating as “60/40” establishments — businesses where only 40% or less of the floor area is occupied by adult uses — will likely have to close or move elsewhere.  The case, which dates to 2002 (and was remanded from the Court of Appeals), was in response to a 2001 amendment to the Zoning Resolution expanding the definition of “adult establishment.” However, the controversy over the regulation of adult establishments in the Zoning Resolution dates back to at least 1995, when the ZR was originally amended to classify adult establishments as different from other commercial uses.  Continue reading

Is NYC Manufacturing (Zoning) Dead? New Zoning Plans May Continue A Trend

manufacturing building

The City’s industrial zoning districts are increasingly being lost.   So-called “M-zones” (M1, M2 and M3 zoning districts) – where everything from Glue to Auto Manufacturing are permitted – have been modified or eliminated in such diverse places as Chelsea, Williamsburg-Greenpoint, the southwest Bronx, Long Island City and DUMBO.    Over the past 10 years or so, new “mixed use districts” have emerged in waterfront sections of Brooklyn and the Bronx – and inland areas such as Hudson Square, Bed-Stuy, Gowanus and Long Island City.    (These join the already established mixed-use zones in DUMBO and Hunt’s Point.)   Now – and here’s the real news – M-zoned areas of Hudson Square are under consideration for rezoning. Continue reading

If You Can’t Beat Them, Sell Them Your Land for $100M: A Coney Island Update

In a blog entry yesterday, we discussed a major Bloomberg Administration initiative that is in limbo – the rezoning and subsequent development of the Gowanus Canal neighborhood.

Well, today we can report on another major Bloomberg initiative – the redevelopment of Coney Island.  This one, however, is faring much better. Continue reading

To List or Not To List – A New Wrinkle in the Gowanus Canal Superfund Site Debate

There is a new twist in the ongoing saga of whether to list the Gowanus Canal on the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Priorities List – a/k/a Superfund.  The City will be potentially liable for a portion of the clean up costs.

For those not entirely familiar with the recent history of the proposed redevelopment and proposed clean up, here is a quick recap: Continue reading

City Planning Celebrates 100 Rezonings

With the recent completion of the Carroll Gardens rezoning, City Planning achieved its 100th rezoning since 2002, the year that Mayor Bloomberg entered office and appointed Amanda Burden the Chair of the City Planning Commission. City Planning is now celebrating this accomplishment on its website, which lays out the 100 rezonings on a timeline and an interactive map – they’re both very interesting and really demonstrate the extent to which the city’s zoning map has been changed over a relatively short period of time.

Check it out here: Neighborhoods Count – Celebrating 100 Rezonings

City Planning’s Rezoning of Sunset Park Faces Legal Challenge

A coalition of well-known civic and community organizations have filed a lawsuit in NYS Supreme Court challenging the adequacy of City Planning’s environmental review process for the recently-adopted rezoning of Sunset Park, Brooklyn.  The Sunset Park rezoning contextually downzoned portions of the Brooklyn neighborhood, but also included an upzoning along the avenues. Continue reading

Carroll Gardens Rezoning: Second Round of Contextual Changes

Last month, the City Planning Commission approved the Carroll Gardens/Columbia Street rezoning.  The City Council, the final step in the public review process, has until November 16 to sign off on the proposal. 

This rezoning – which will replace the existing R6 zoning district with contextual districts – is the second action that the Department of City Planning (DCP) has undertaken in the Brooklyn neighborhood within the last two years.  Continue reading