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A Review of Ideas to Revive the Market

Eldad Gothelf, LEED AP Urban Planner, Herrick's Land Use Group | November 3, 2009 in Construction Sites,Financing | Comments (12)

The Real Deal has published an article that looks at 8 ideas (4 good, 4 bad) whose goal is to get the NYC real estate world back on its feet.

Some notables in the good ideas column: (more…)

The 421-a Program: Market-Based Changes

Jennifer Dickson, Urban Planner, Herrick's Land Use Group | October 13, 2009 in Financing,Tax Exemptions | Comments (8)

The 421-a residential tax exemption program, which provides a significant real estate tax exemption for new residential construction projects, requires that buildings receiving the tax exemption must complete construction without “undue delay” – defined as within 36 months for the majority of projects.  (more…)